Solitaire designs are rings that are set with a single diamond or gemstone. These are considered the most traditional and classic of the engagement ring styles.

Trilogy /3 stone designs

Each stone in a trilogy represents a couples past, present and future. This style can include a range of stone shapes and sizes.


This design gets its name from the ‘halo’ of diamonds around the outside of the centre stone. Traditionally the halo stones will be small round stones. The halo design can be traced back to the early Georgian era and we gained popularity throughout the Victorian era.

Shoulder set

This refers to designs which have smaller stones set into the band of the engagement ring. This style adds a touch of glamour to the traditional engagement ring.


Similar to the halo design, cluster designs have a number of stones that can vary in size and shape.

Toi et Moi - 2 Stone Ring

Meaning ‘you and me’ this style is known as one of the most romantic engagement ring designs, originating in France this ring represents the union between two souls.

Vintage designs

Vintage styles can come in a range of setting styles, these designs usually have intricate details around the setting and band. Please get in touch if you are looking for a vintage style ring.